Having reviews on your listing is the best way to prove your credibility and solidify your reputation. When a school is looking for a quote, which supplier do you think they will choose - the one with 1 review or the one with 20 reviews?

What's more: When a new quote request comes in, we look for the most reputable companies first. In other words, get your schools to review you!

So, how do you go about getting more reviews? We find that, by using the two methods below, you are very likely to increase the amount of reviews you have.

Method 1 - Our Automated Mailer

This is the quickest and easiest way to get more reviews.

Simply click here to login on SchoolAdvisor. Once logged in, click on your name in the top right corner of our homepage and select 'Promote my listing' from the drop-down.

From here, simply enter the names and email addresses of the people from the schools that you service whom you would like to review you. Click send and BOOM! Done.

The people you have selected will receive an email asking them to review your company on SchoolAdvisor.

Method 2 - Send the Email Template Yourself

If you'd prefer a more personal touch, this method is perfect.

Simply copy and paste the below template into an email and send it out to all the schools you service.

Example email to send to clients

Subject line: Please rate us on SchoolAdvisor

Dear ******,

Please 'review us' on SchoolAdvisor, an online platform connecting schools to reputable school suppliers.

SchoolAdvisor allows schools get 3 quotes from suppliers quickly and easily. Schools can also use SchoolAdvisor to search for and research suppliers.

By reviewing us on SchoolAdvisor, you are helping prove our credibility to other schools. To review us: click here, type in the name of our company and write your review! We look forward to your feedback.

After reviewing us, why not review another company? You get a bonus entry for every additional review you write, so 2 reviews = 3 entries, 3 reviews = 5 entries, etc.

Regards, ******

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