What you should know about tags

Tags are simply 'keywords'

Tags represent words relating to the product or service you offer. The more words (or tags) you use to describe one of your products/services, the better your chances of being found by schools.

For example: If you are selling educational ebooks, you could use the following tags - [educational ebook] [book] [e-book] [ebook] [education ebook] [math ebook]

'Don't be a *drag, use tags!'

Tags Achieve the following:

  • Increase the chance of your products/services being found
  • Describe what your product is
  • Help schools find exactly what they are looking for
  • Useful when remarketing older products

How to use tags correctly:

  • Insert tags when adding or editing a product/service you listed (don't worry, tags are invisible to schools viewing your page)
  • To get to the edit or list products/services page, log in to SchoolAdvisor.co.za, select your name and click on 'Manage Listing' from the drop-down. From here, go to 'PRODUCT/SERVICES' and click the blue 'EDIT' button for the product you want to add tags to.
  • Insert 1 tag at a time by typing a keyword and clicking 'ADD TAG' (see image below)
  • Once you have inserted all appropriate tags, click the 'SAVE' button at the bottom of the page (NB! If you don't it will not save your tags)

Some extra tips

  • Make sure to include a 'core tag' [eg. (ebook)]
  • Use keywords that overlap with the core tag [eg. (educational ebook)]
  • Your tag must, directly or indirectly, relate to your product/service
  • Be as accurate as possible. Don't just use a tag for the sake of using one

SLY SLANG: *drag - 'an annoying person; a burdensome person'

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