SchoolAdvisor's *Platinum and *Country listings use either your credit card or bank details to debit your account. We only use these options because:

  • The site is fully automated to ensure that the control is in the lister's hands - ¬†upgrading/downgrading is done by you from the system (this opens us up to less human error).
  • With the amount being so small, for SchoolAdvisor to run all the listings with invoicing/checking proof of payment etc. it makes it very labour intensive and more expensive when it comes to bookkeeping side. Our aim is to keep the premium options affordable.
  • Debit orders can directly be cancelled or reversed from within your internet banking. If, at any point, you are nervous, you can easily cancel or reverse a payment.
  • We know you're are concerned about giving out credit card or bank details online. We have multiple layers of protection to ensure that we can't even see your details - only the bank sees it. Mastercard and Visa also have strong policies in place to protect and reimburse payments if need be.

If you have any further concerns give us a call and we can chat it through with you - 021 565 0401.

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