To add even more value to your *Country listing, you can submit one press release every 6 months.

If you are a supplier with a Country listing (view our value-packed *Platinum listing option), you can submit a press release to SchoolAdvisor once every 6 months. The press release will be posted onto our blog and will link to your SchoolAdvisor listing.

Our blog has a steady flow of 2,000 monthly views from school decision makers.

Here are some benefits of submitting a press release

  • School decision-makers read our blog
  • More traffic will be generated to your listing and your website
  • Improves your website SEO - links coming from other credible websites will up your google search ranking

We accept all the below as a press release

  • Case studies of schools using your product or service
  • New product launches
  • Product overviews
  • Exciting things your business has done
  • Tips for schools

Submit your press release to [email protected].

If you are on a free listing option and would like to upgrade

If you are really looking to break open the school market, we a value-packed Platinum listing option that gives you the BEST bang for your buck. Hit the button below for more details.

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