So, you want to upgrade to a *Platinum listing... That's B E A utiful! (as Jim Carrey would say)

Upgrading your listing type to 'Platinum' makes a lot of sense. You will have far you more functionality which will serve to increase your chances of schools finding you, and, ultimately getting more quote requests.

Here are the steps to upgrade:

1) Sign in

Go to and sign in. [Please note: Do not click on the 'Sign In' button found at the top of this page as doing so will log you in to our support desk.]

2) Go to 'Account'

Click on your name (which will show up when you are signed in) and select the 'Account' link that will appear in the drop-down menu 👇

3) 'Upgrade'

Select the 'Upgrade Listing' Button (as seen below)

4) Select 'Platinum'

Note: This is a month-to-month contract. You can cancel at any anytime and return to the free option. We don’t believe in burdening you with long term contracts.

5) Enter company details

This part is pretty simple. Enter your company details (note: these details will be visible on your company profile page).

6) Enter billing details

This is all your relevant billing info. Don’t worry! Schools won't be able to see your details. SchoolAdvisor requires these details for payment. P.S. Don’t forget to select your country at the bottom.

If you are are not convinced, read why we use credit card/debit order details.

7) Load credit card or debit order details

Here you have two options:

  1. Load your bank details and we will directly debit your account every month. Simply add your relevant bank details.
  2. Load the company credit card.

8) Sign the e-mandate

We have made signing the mandate super simple. It's an online form (you even get to sign it online). This form is provided by our trusted payment partner, Direct Debit.

Legally, within South Africa, you are required by law to sign a mandate for a recurring payment. This is specifically if you are signing up with your bank details and not a credit card.

*Once again, we want to remind that you can cancel at any time and go back to the free version.

After signing, you will be directed back to our website. *You will also get a PDF version of the mandate emailed to you for your records.

Well done. You made it! Now the fun begins... To help your listing get in tip-top shape, check out this handy FAQ for some practical tips.

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