When schools are looking for a product or service, they will look for which schools and in how many schools you operate. The more schools you include in your listing, the more schools looking for your product/service will trust your company.

By inserting the names of the schools in which you operate, you will increase the credibility of your listing BIG TIME. Adding schools will also make your listing look a whole lot better visually.

So, how do I include schools in my listing?

There are two ways that schools can be added to your listing. We recommend the first way, as this is easier and won't take long.

1) Add schools to the your products/services

Step 1: Log in on SchoolAdvisor
Step 2: Click on your name and select 'Manage Listing' from the drop-down

Step 3
: Select the PRODUCTS/SERVICES tab

Step 4
: Choose one of your products or services that you would like to add schools to and click the 'edit' button (as seen in image below)

Step 5: Click above the line to type the name of a school that uses your product/service, then click 'ADD SCHOOLS' (note: you can only add one school at a time)

Made a mistake? SImply click on the school name to remove it.

2) The second way a school can be added is if a school writes a review about one of your products/services - the school will automatically be listed

So go now - add schools to your listing and improve your cred* on SchoolAdvisor!

SLY-SLANG: *cred - short for "credibility". An ability to inspire belief in others.

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