You found your company page on the SchoolAdvisor website but don't know how it got there. Don't worry, by understanding how it got there, you will surely have more peace-of-mind.

There are three ways your company could have been listed without you knowing.

1 - A school reviewed your company

SchoolAdvisor is a community built platform which means that we encourage schools to list and rate companies that they have worked with. By writing a review about a company that is not yet listed on SchoolAdvisor, our system creates a company page based on the details the school provides.

2 - A SchoolAdvisor team member listed your company

The SchoolAdvisor team has also spent time researching companies and talking to schools and organisations - all relevant organisations have thus automatically been added to the platform.

3 - Someone else who works for your company listed your company

If it was neither of the above two situations, maybe one of your colleagues listed your company without you knowing...

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