Schools primary use SchoolAdvisor to receive 3 quotes from reputable schools suppliers. There are 2 methods that schools use to request quotes.

  1. They fill in our online form, detailing what product/service they need. We then receive the quote request and provide the schools with 3 quotes.
  2. They go onto your company page and click the "get a quote" button to get a quote directly from you.

Method 1

Method 1 is the easiest and most common way schools request quotes. They simply fill in a form and then receive 3 quotes.

In this instance, the SchoolAdvisor team selects the top 3 suppliers who can supply the school. We base our selection on two main things: 1. Your rating (how many stars you have and 2. Your reviews (the more reviews, the better).

Method 2

Sometimes schools prefer to research the suppliers themselves instead of relying on our expertise. They search for a product/service using our search bar. Our system then shows search results with suppliers who offer said product/service. By default, the mostly highly rated suppliers with the most reviews will show at the top of search results.

In this instance, schools are likely to use method 2 to request to get a quote. The supplier they have requested a quote from will receive an email, notifying them that a school has requested for them to send a quote. 

The supplier will be able to view: the school’s name, contact details, the person requesting the quote, their position at the school and what they are requesting. You can also find this information by logging in to your SchoolAdvisor account.

Once you have received the information and quotation request, it is up to you to make contact with the client and take the process further.

Our Top Tips for Getting More Quote Requests

Now that you understand how schools request quotes, there are a few things that you can do to stand out from the crowd:

  1. Get your schools to review your company on SchoolAdvisor. The more reviews you have the more reputable your company will look to us and to schools. The best way to get reviews is to use our automated system. Read this article for more on getting reviews.
  2. Upgrade to SchoolAdvisor Premium. By upgrading, we will consider you as being our VIP suppliers. When we select the top 3 suppliers, we will ask our premium suppliers to quote the school first before asking other suppliers. 👉 Click here for more info on SchoolAdvisor Premium.
  3. Make sure that all your company info is correct. Log in to your SchoolAdvisor account and update all your info. Make sure that you have the correct primary email address so that the quote request goes to the right person. Also, make sure that you add your regions and branches so that your company actually shows up in search results.
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