SchoolAdvisor answers 2 key questions that are thrown at school salespeople all the time:

1) ‘What other schools use your product/service?’
2) ‘What do other schools they say you?’

SchoolAdvisor is a powerful tool that your sales team must utilize.

Honesty builds trust

The reviews on SchoolAdvisor are completely unbiased. So, by telling a school to check you out on SchoolAdvisor, it builds immediate trust. Often SchoolAdvisor is seen as being a marketing tool when in fact it was built predominantly as a sales tool.

Credibility sells

One of the key principles behind SchoolAdvisor is that it makes it easier for a supplier to build credibility and answer those 2 key questions most schools ask. Schools can simply go online and see exactly which schools are using your product and check the reviews.

Sales team: ‘It’s up to you!’

Get your sales team in the know:
1. Let them see your listing
2. Ask them to help get more of your top schools to review you
3. Make sure they use it as sales tool

As a sales tool:
1. Email the link of your company’s page on SchoolAdvisor to new school leads as a way to help secure a meeting
2. Show the school some of your reviews in a sales presentation
3. Send it to a school after a meeting as a way to build credibility
4. *Use your rating and our logo on emails and/or website

*Top rated companies can also use their rating and our logo on your emails or websites. This is highly recommended, as it will boost your chances of schools choosing you over a competitor. 👉 Find out more.

So, tell your sales manager the great news about SchoolAdvisor ASAP!

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