Anyone who has ever tried to sell to schools knows how challenging it can be to get your message across to school decision makers. There are two major hindrances. 

  1. Heads have limited time and busy schedules. 
  2. Secretaries do their best to block you from getting through the door.

Cue our digital marketing campaigns. With a reach of over 30,000 people linked to schools, our campaigns can help you connect your message to the people that matter.

There is a big need in the market for education suppliers to reach schools but not enough digital platforms to do this. We, therefore, pulled together 4 digital school platforms to achieve this. 

Together, we have one of the largest reaches of school decision makers in the country. Heads, bursars, business managers, heads of department, teachers, governing body members, and admin staff are all included in our reach.

Peter Morgan – SchoolAdvisor CEO

A breakdown

Custom written blog post

By writing articles with the aim of solving a school’s need joined with a large reach of schools, you have a much greater chance of getting schools requesting a quote from you. The aim is to generate leads and conversions – not branding.

SchoolAdvisor’s content manager will work with you to create an editorial-style article that talks about how your product/service can makes life easier for schools. This will be custom written and designed in line with what makes your product incredible and different to other similar products. 

We will use our experience of marketing to schools to ensure that the article has the right tone and the correct angle so that school decision makers will take notice. The article will have a strong call-to-action to build leads for your team.

The article will be posted to: SchoolAdvisor Blog, SchoolNetwork SA, RSA Teaching, Teacherpedia and EduWeek Blog.

Pro Tip When sending us copy, focus on what makes you, as a company, unique. Ask yourself the following question: 'What makes your business stellar – a cut above the rest?' 

Social media promotion to school personnel

We will use some of the country’s top school-staff focused social media platforms to drive awareness of the blog content. Social media posts will go out on the below platforms that are focused at school staff:

  • SchoolNetwork’s LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook
  • Onnies Online’s Twitter and Facebook (22 537 followers!
  • Super Teachers’ Facebook, Twitter and Instagram
  • SchoolAdvisor’s Facebook and Twitter
  • RSA Teaching Facebook and Twitter
  • Teacha! Facebook and Twitter
  • Teacherpedia Facebook and Twitter

Video shout out

Super Teacher’s YouTube video - a ‘20 second shout out' will promote the article. These Super Teacher videos are watched across both the YouTube and Facebook platforms. We will work with you and Super Teacher to create the correct tone that will match the rest of the marketing campaign and drive traffic to the article, your listing or your website.


A short editorial about your article will be included in a newsletter sent to school personnel from the following companies: SchoolAdvisor, Techerpedia, Teacha! And Onnies Online. These emails are focused on school decision makers. 

Client Feedback

Lindsay Fokkens, CEO of the Digital Education Group, had the following to say in an email about a recent campaign:

‘I am writing this to inform you as to how impressed I have been with my engagement with SchoolAdvisor. The level of service has been exceptional and I have not been left wanting in terms of information.  

More importantly, the marketing campaign was a huge success and has already resulted in 10 teachers enrolling for their SACE approved course – which is an amazing turnaround given how unfamiliar our learning programme is to this market.  

I was so impressed with the amount of “views” and “click through’s” that were made during our marketing campaign, that I cannot stop telling other business partners that I have engaged with over the last 3 months.

Charmaine Claassen from Principal Software had the following to say:

SchoolAdvisor did a campaign for Principal Software which communicated important information regarding our company strategy to the market. This campaign created great momentum and a very high awareness of our company and products through SchoolAdvisor, their partner sites, newsletters and social media.

Principal Software is recognized at meetings and events with reassurance of what we do and schools are able to identify us immediately. We definitely gained from a campaign through SchoolAdvisor and is something that we would highly recommend to any provider using their services.


The price of a marketing campaign depends on whether you request a ‘complete’ marketing campaign, giving you the greatest possible chance of engagement, or whether you only want a ‘light’ marketing campaign. Prices will range from R14,000 to R27,560 – depending on what you choose.


If you are interested in a marketing campaign, give us a call on 0218832523 or pop us a mail at [email protected]

We will help you tailor the perfect pitch to gain the highest possible engagement and interest from school decision makers. We only have one caveat: if you have an established product or service, you need a decent star rating on SchoolAdvisor. We don’t want to market sub-standard products or services.

But wait, there's more...

Schools use our website to search for products and services. In order for your products/services to show up, you need to create a business profile. If you haven't yet listed your company on our website, click the button below to discover how you can gain major exposure to the school market and even get quote requests from schools without having to market yourself (we will do it for you).

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