The success fee is the percentage fee that you, as a supplier, pay SchoolAdvisor on a quote that has been accepted by a school. The high-level details are as follows: 

  • SchoolAdvisor will contact you with a quote request from a school - you decide if you want to accept it.  
  • In cases that the quote needs interaction with the school, you will be provided with the contact person’s full details (we know that schools love personal interaction!). 
  • If a school accepts your quote, you will then pay SchoolAdvisor the ‘Success Fee’ commission which is a percentage of the final quote value. You pay us 2.5% if you have a Premium Listing or 4% if you have a Free Listing.
    If the school does not move forward with your quote, you don’t pay any fee for the lead or quote opportunity. 
  • SchoolAdvisor will invoice you for the ‘Success Fee’ and payment must be made within 30 days of you receiving the invoice. In the case that you have paid the ‘Success Fee’ and the school cancels or returns your product/service, you will receive a full refund. 
  • If more business comes to your company from the school directly and not through us - you don’t pay us a cent. You only pay us when we generate business for you from quote requests. 
  • In the case of quotes with long-term contracts (where you monthly debit or invoice the school), SchoolAdvisor's ‘Success Fee’ will be determined only by the quotes’ value for the first 12 months.

If you would rather pay a 2.5% commission fee instead of a 4%, click here to learn how to upgrade to a Premium listing.

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